About us

About us…

Monika, Nathalie, Wilfried Hoffmann-Breisacher

from left  Monika, Nathalie, Wilfried Hoffmann-Breisacher

The Hoffmann-Breisacher family has been running Seehotel Baumgarten for over 34 years with a great deal of enthusiasm and attention to detail. The family places great value on maintaining their longstanding business and are constantly introducing innovations.

Monika and Wilfried Hoffmann-Breisach have made the operation in the last 34 years for a trademark of Kehrsiten on Lake Lucerne. Daughter Nathalie is currently at various training and education. In future it will continue the legacy conscientiously and with great vigor. We and our long-standing team, you are in this challenge, of course, to the page:


Our team:

Monika & Wilfried from Kehrsiten 34 Jahre

Nathalie from Kehrsiten 11 Jahre

Enrico from the Algarve 26 Jahre

Jürgen from Österreich 3 Jahre

Kanesu from Sri Lanka 3 Jahre

Mathilede from Alpnach 16 Jahre

Andre from San Remo 11 Jahre

Ela from Polen 3 Jahre

Heidi from Stans 9 Jahre

Nadja from Beckenried 2 Jahre

Babu from Guinea 2 Jahre 


These long years of service speaks for itself ……